Bells and Bell Ringers

The Bells at St Peter’s Cathedral are rung from 10:00am – 10:30am prior to the Choral Eucharist every Sunday morning and for special services and events. There is a regular practice on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00 p.m

The Bell Ringers

A group of people from a wide range of backgrounds and interests who enjoy the musical, intellectual, mathematical and physical aspects of their craft. Many regard it as part of their Christian service, but religious observance is not an essential qualification.

It takes many weeks to learn to handle a bell correctly with the clapper silenced, before a new ringer is allowed to ring “open” and join a band at a practice. The new ringer will need to develop good listening skills and to ring rhythmically and evenly. From the simple stage of ringing call changes, when the conductor calls each bell into place, the ringer progresses to ringing methods where a pattern of ringing must be learnt by heart so that the bells do not ever ring in the same order twice.

Bell ringing spread with British colonisation, and ringers find acceptance in towers all over the world.

The Adelaide Bell ringers are a group of bell ringers who ring at St Peters Cathedral and the other four towers in Adelaide. There is a world wide association of bell ringers and the Adelaide Bell ringers are affiliated to the South Australian Branch of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Bell ringers.

Local contacts:

Captain: Matthew Ball, phone 0411 058 286
Vice-Captain: Matthew Sorrell, phone 0410 432 762